Kelly Slater eyes golf career in the PGA Champions Tour

March 15, 2012 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: boards for clubs, surfing for golf

Kelly Slater does not rule out the possibility of competing in the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Champions Tour, in the future. The world's best surf is not exiting the ASP World Tour, but the boards my soon be changed by golf clubs.

Slater has always loved golfing and the sport of the gentlemen always welcomed him. In the last months, several golf media highlighted his precision skills in the grass.

"I like golf, I love it, I work hard on it and actually I'd like to become... [A professional?]. I do think about it", Kelly told Reuters last December.

"The Champions Tour might be my best bet but I'd have to wait till I'm 55 for that. Only the established guys get to play as soon as they turn 50. They don't want some unknown guy who's practiced for 30 years getting on and everyone is like, 'shoot, the guy we've never heard of from Oklahoma is better than anyone'", he continued.

"It would take a lot of dedication but I'm putting a lot of time into my golf. I think anyone, when they do something once, they want to become masterful at it."

Kelly Slater, the golfer, has a handicap of five and has teamed up with almost all the US PGA pros, except for Tiger Woods. Recently, he joined The Golf Show host Brett Ogle for nine holes while surfing in the pro circuit, on the Australian Gold Coast.

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