Kelly Slater is the wizard of surfing

March 7, 2011 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: the wizard is practicing the magic trick

Kelly Slater has all the time in the world. At Snapper Rocks, in the Australian Gold Coast, he has been showing performance, quality, fluidity and experience. After having guaranteed the 10th world surfing title, Slater looks relaxed enough to enjoy pro competition, heat by heat, win by win.

The Floridian has always something in his mind, in or out of the water. He's always inventing something interesting to do, from the "Kelly Slater Wave Company" to asymmetrical surfboards.

The surf king seems to have unveiled another challenge for himself. Kelly Slater has indicated he will be shaping one surfboard per stage of the 2011 ASP World Tour, which means he will certainly test new designs and hydrodynamics.

The "Semi-Pro" surfer has always showed interest in deepening knowledge in surfboard shaping and, who knows, a personal KS brand.

Kelly Slater, the wizard of surfing, is constantly practicing the magic trick. Even competing, destiny seems to guide him. In the Round 3 heat, against 16-year-old prodigy Matt Banting, the champion took advantage of a fall to keep riding the wave in bodysurfing style, to the delight of the crowd.

Special designed rail wings, a skateboard-sized surfboard, a low-profile fin system or a new foot traction revolution may be in the making, as Kelly Slater indicates he will be surfing with us for quite a while. What does the magic ball say he'll be doing next?