Slater Designs: surfboards by Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater will launch his own surfboard company. The 11-time world surfing champion has named it Slater Designs.

The world of surfing saw his new logo for the first time in Round 1 of the 2015 Billabong Pipeline Masters. Slater rode a 5'10'' Banana model shaped by Greg Webber, which featured the new Slater Designs sticker.

The Floridian will launch his brand new surfboard company at the Surf Expo 2016 in Orlando, but Slater's planks will only hit the mass market by April.

Apparently, the champion himself came up with and drew the Slater Designs logo.

The simple, rounded design seems to establish a natural connection between the letter "S" and the profile of a wave.

The Slater Designs will also be available in the Firewire version.

Daniel Thomson and Greg Webber will shape the first three surfboard models (The Sci-Phi, The Omni, and The Banana), and according to StabMag, all boards will comply with the Ecoboard certification.

Kelly Slater is steadily spending more time on his multiple business interests.

In 2015, the greatest competitive surfer of all time debuted his clothing brand OuterKnown and his innovative artificial surf pool concept, Kelly Slater Wave Co.

Slater Designs | The First Three Surfboards

  • The Sci-Phi Shaped by Daniel Thomson: 5'10''x 18 3/8''x 2 1/4'' (25.8 liters)
  • The Omni Shaped by Daniel Thomson: 5'3''x 18 3/4''x 2 5/16'' (24.8 liters)
  • The Banana Shaped by Greg Webber: 5'10''x 18 3/8''x 2 1/4'' (25.8 liters)

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