Kelly Slater: getting barreled in 1996 | Photo: Quiksilver

Kelly Slater is leaving Quiksilver after more than 23 years of relationship.

The 11-time world surfing champion has announced his departure from Quiksilver after a long relationship with the company headquartered in Huntington Beach.

"They've supported me through good times and bad, personal hardships and competitive triumphs, and never wavered in backing my choices and desires in all that time," explains Slater.

"The memories I have of joining the team and becoming like brothers with my heroes and team riders Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones and making lifelong friendships with Stephen Bell and others has fulfilled my life exponentially."

Bob McKnight, Quiksilver's executive chairman, first signed an 18-year-old Slater to the brand in 1990.

"Kelly has been a part of the Quiksilver family for over 20 years. It's been an incredible journey watching him grow from a young surfer with great potential to the 11-time world champion he is today," McKnight explains.

Kelly Slater worked under the tutelage of Bob McKnight, Bruce Raymond, Alan Green, Pierre Agnes, Danny Kwock, and many others.

The brand put an end to the Floridian's amateur career and guided him into professional life and adulthood.

Both parties produced the documentary "Kelly Slater In Black and White" and went on multiple boat trips and small charter planes to remote locations.

Kelly Slater has started a new sponsorship deal with the Kering Group, a family-controlled, listed company that develops brands like Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Boucheron, Puma, and Volcom.

"I know that if I were Quiksilver, I would bend over backward and make sure he had a Quiksilver suit on him when he's dead and in the grave," comments Yadin Nicol.

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