Gerry Lopez: testing the new left-hand barrels on offer at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch

Hawaiian Pipeline Master Gerry Lopez has been invited by Kelly Slater to test the new left-hander on offer at Lemoore's Surf Ranch.

The Kelly Slater Surf Ranch has been upgraded. It now delivers perfect-peeling left-handers, and what better way to present it to the world than by inviting one of the most experienced tube riders in the world?

"Whether it's here or perfect Speed Reef in G-Land, this is as pure as it gets," notes the 68-year-old surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Kelly has created the quintessential perfect wave, and to be able to get that over and over again is really going to push the envelope of surfing like it has never been pushed before."

Gerry Lopez traveled to Northern California because Kelly Slater himself wanted the legendary goofy-footer to be the first to ride the man-made left-hander.

"As a tip of the hat for myself and my team, I really wanted Gerry to ride the first left and just say thanks for your commitment and what you've given to surfing over the years," added Slater.

The Kelly Slater Wave Co. is owned by the World Surf League.

The pro surfing circuit has plans to include its surf pool in the competitive schedule but has not yet confirmed the format chosen for the groundbreaking decision.

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