Kelly Slater Wave Company: a unique artificial surf pool

The Kelly Slater Wave Company unveiled exclusive images and information on the future artificial wave pools designed by the Floridian's surf park firm.

The business is ready to change the history of surfing.

For the first time ever, a best-in-class surf destination with guaranteed waves, popular amenities, and unique entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

The surf pool by Kelly Slater promises an unparalleled wave-riding experience tailored to each guest.

As a surfer, spectator, or beachgoer, you choose your experience.

The endless wave is designed in a unique circular format, which allows for maximized wave production, efficiency, and a continuous stream of surfers on and off waves.

There will be open barrels, great wave faces for maneuvering, and tailored waves for each individual's ability level and preference, from professional to beginner.

It's a wave-on-demand menu.

For beginners, there are small, approachable whitewater waves, boogie boards, or soft-top surfboards with top-notch instructors available.

For the advanced, there's a barreling wave that challenges deep tube riding and aerial acrobatics, pushing the limits of performance.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company teamed up with hydromechanics, mechanical systems, and industrial engineering specialists from the world's best universities and engineering centers.

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