Kelly Slater will be surfing the 2014 ASP World Tour

December 15, 2013 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: confirmed in the 2014 ASP World Tour

Kelly Slater will be surfing waves in the 2014 ASP World Tour.

The Floridian surfer, 41, confirmed he won't be retiring from professional surfing, after winning the 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters, the 56th elite tour victory of his career.

"Last year, someone asked me what excited me in the end years of my career and I said I would like to surf a Final at Pipe against John John so that's pretty special today. To win is even better. I want to surf against the best surfers at the best waves - that's why I'm on tour", says Slater.

"I was obviously emotional today, especially after Mick (Fanning) clinched the title in the Quarters. I don't know what happens for me in 2014 but I think that has pissed me off just enough to come back."

"Today was one of the most special days in my life. It's a day I have dreamed about since I was a little kid - big, perfect, West-angled Pipeline and a showdown at the Pipe Masters. If I had stepped away from the sport five years ago, I wouldn't have had today. I want more days like this so I'm definitely back next year".

Thousands of enthusiastic surf fans greeted Slater's decision. The greatest athlete in the history of surfing will be riding the 2014 ASP World Tour waves.