Kelly Slater will hang up the leash in 2019

July 2, 2018 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: the most successful professional surfer of all time | Photo: Cestari/WSL

The most successful professional surfer of all time will hang the leash in 2019.

Kelly Slater, who has been battling a series of injuries this year, announced that he will retire at the end of the 2019 season.

Robert Kelly Slater was born on the February 11, 1972, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He started surfing at the age of five and turned pro at 18.

"My basic plan is to get myself really healthy again, get ready for April next year, and next year will be my last on Tour. And just be done with it," revealed Slater.

"There are a lot of personal messages coming through. I'd say it's been a spiritual experience. It's been given me a direction, and because of that it made calm and relaxed and totally accepting of the process."

Slater will be wrapping up his career precisely 30 years after joining the Dream Tour as a promising rookie. Andy Irons and Mick Fanning were some of his most fierce rivals.

Slater won 11 ASP World Tour titles, 55 Championship Tour (CT) events, seven Pipeline Masters, and two editions of the Triple Crown of Surfing.

In 2015, he publicly revealed his most ambitious business endeavor. The Surf Ranch is one of the most advanced artificial wave pool systems in the world.

Kelly also starred in dozens of films, including "The Endless Summer II," "Thicker Than Water," "Letting Go," and "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti."

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