Kelly Slater wins 2013 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

March 13, 2013 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: revenge at Kirra

Kelly Slater has conquered the Quiksilver Por Gold Coast 2013, at Kirra. The Floridian surfer defeated Joel Parkinson in the first event of the 2013 ASP World Tour.

The 11-time world surfing champion got his revenge, a few months after delivering the title to the Australian surfer. In foreign water, Slater took the firing three-to-five foot (1–1.5 metre) Kirra barrel, in front of a capacity crowd on the Gold Coast.

"It was just fun today. I really wanted to surf Kirra as I made known the other day and it was great fun out there. We thought the swell was going to be too East, but it's really really good out there and to get to surf it with Joel is even better. He's one of the best and we had a lot of fun out there", says Kelly Slater.

Slater and Parkinson opened their 40-minute final bout with a rapid-fire exchange of tube-riding displays, vaulting the lead back and forth before Slater nailed a 9.93 for an incredibly-deep barrel punctuated by a full-velocity forehand gaff.

The 52nd elite tour victory of Slater's career is nothing but the kick-off of a long season ahead, in terms of the hunt for the 2013 ASP World Title.

"They're all important but it's nice to get off to a good start. The three top seeds – Joel, myself and Mick all finished in the top three spots and Michel had a great event too. Momentum shifts throughout each season and a lot can happen".

"It's probably the most talented field that has ever been on tour and there are nine more events. I'm committed to the tour this season", Slater adds.

Parkinson looked unbeatable on the final day of the event, collecting a Perfect 10 in his morning Semifinal before posting an excellent 17.47 in his Final against Slater. However, the impressive scoreline would prove insufficient against the American's onslaught.

"When Kirra is doing what it's doing out there today, it doesn't feel like an event. I had some great waves and a lot of fun, and to get to do it with the singlet on is icing on the cake. Runner-Up is a good start to the season. Bring on Bells", said Parkinson.

Quiksilver Por Gold Coast 2013 | Final

1. Kelly Slater (USA) 18.56
2. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 17.47