Kelly Slater: he loves Cloudbreak

Kelly Slater has conquered the Volcom Fiji Pro 2013, in solid six-to-eight foot (2 meter) waves at Cloudbreak, and takes the lead of the 2013 ASP World Tour rankings.

What an incredible day of pro surfing.

The decisive morning at Cloudbreak saw Kelly Slater making history and scoring two Perfect 10 rides in the quarterfinal heat against Sebastian Zietz. Twenty points, big time.

With plenty of swell on offer, the world's best surfers displayed an outstanding show of high-class wave riding.

John John Florence had already beaten Jordy Smith in the quarters with an impressive total score of 19.06 points.

The semifinal clashes defined Florence versus Slater and CJ Hobgood against Mick Fanning, who had left Parkinson out of comp in buzzer-beater mode.

Kelly Slater was completely fired up and in control. Relaxed and having fun at one of his favorite surf spots. John John Florence was forced to watch the show.

But was there an all-Floridian final on the horizon? Tavarua, home of Cloudbreak's left-handers, said no.

The 11-time world surfing champion would be up against the lethal Australian. Fanning sealed the deal with another buzzer-beater against CJ.

The final opened with two bombs for both riders. Third bomb and Slater claims it. The Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 final was promising a high-scoring affair.

Kelly kept getting tubed, deep and in control. And with another claim for the record. And another one. Highway to victory. Unstoppable and another near-perfect heat for the fourth title at Fiji.

"What a day. That was insane. When we started out in the final, Mick had position, and I was a little deep, but the next one was unbelievable."

"I want to dedicate this to my brother and his wife and their new kid, Van."

"He told me that if I missed the birth of his son, I’d better win, so this is for you. I want to say hi to everyone at home. What can I say? What a day."

Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 | Final

Kelly Slater (USA), 19.80 def. Mick Fanning (AUS), 15.87

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