Kelly Slater's artificial wave pool heads to the Gold Coast

August 23, 2012 | Surfing
Kelly Slater Wave Company: the endless surfing wave

The Kelly Slater Wave Company is preparing to open the first surf pool in the Gold Coast of Australia.

The artificial wave projected developed by Kelly Slater is close to striking a deal with LM Investment Management, to created the world's first surf park with an endless wave ride.

The unique round pool concept will be located at a 30 minute's drive from the nearest beach and the details are still secret and confidential. Maddison Estate, at Pimpama, is one of the possible locations.

Kelly Slater has been working hard on his own artificial wave project. The entire research and development work has been kept away from the media and the surfing community, in a restricted warehouse, in Los Angeles.

The surfer from Cocoa Beach has always thought it was possible to create an endless wave, with several entertainment spaces around and inbetween.

The circular surf pool solution is the hardest and most expensive plan, but it also be the finest one for surfers. The world's first inland continuous wave may reduce the gap between surfing and the Olympic Games, too.

"Obviously it would be fantastic for the development but I think at a wider level for Queensland and the Gold Coast it would be another tourist attraction," Luke Barnett, LM Investment project director, told AAP.

Paul Pisasale, Mayor of Ipswich, west of Brisbane, has already opened the doors of the region to a surfing wave pool in the city located 100 kilometres away from the nearest surf break.

While the first artificial wave surf pool doesn't see the light of day, take a look at the different surf park concepts being developed all over the world.