Surfing: the future of the sport is getting barreled

The future of surfing is about to change. How's that? The Association of Surfing Professionals promises a quite revolution in the sport, but doesn't detail the new deal with a previously unknown media company.

The Association of Surfing Professionals has announced "a Term Sheet with ZoSea Media (founded by Paul Speaker and Terry Hardy) designed to enhance the organizational structure of the sport as well as the direction of professional surfing in the coming years"

No further details were added, except that it "enjoys the comprehensive support of surfers, events, staff and ASP Board Members".

Terry Hardy is Kelly Slater's business manager. When asked about his involvement in the vague deal, the surfing champion only says that he has lobbied for a change and it will mean a reduction of the influence of the surf industry in the sport.

The formal closing of this transaction between ZoSea Media and ASP International is anticipated to be achieved by year’s end. Both parties are focused on executing a smooth transition towards the continued enhancement of professional surfing.

The broadcast rights are the heart of the "change" in the future of surfing. The new company will buy the entire rights and sell it to the TV companies. Whether this will mean online pay-per-view, it is still unknown.

The Australian Surfing Life magazine adds that the new ASP will offer bigger prize moneys, pension funds for surfers and equal number of surfers and event representatives at the board.

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