Kepa Acero explores the "Five Seas"

January 10, 2013 | Surfing
Kepa Acero: surfer and adventurer

Kepa Acero is preparing to complete the project "Five Seas", which takes the Basque surfer to alternative wave riding destinations.

Kepa Acero is more than a passionate surfer. He wants to challenges the world's most distant spots, where Nature rules with its laws. The third brother of the Acero family of surfers continues his quest for waves and discovery.

After "Five Waves, Five Continents" and "The Final Frontiers", Kepa Acero is about to close the "Five Seas" chapter. The Spanish explorer has navigated in the Indonesian Sea, the Andaman Sea the Angola Sea.

Now, Acero is heading to the Antarctica, where he will try to find surfable wave in the middle of icebergs and seals. But, surfing is not the most important issue of the "Five Seas" project. It's all about exploring and capturing the essence of the oceans.

Kepa Acero is sailing with the Pakea Bizkaia crew and the entire journey can be followed live.