Kereopa or Lenny? Who will be The Ultimate Waterman 2015?

March 20, 2015 | Surfing
Daniel Kereopa: attacking the lip

Two in a row. Daniel Kereopa won the longboard division of The Ultimate Waterman 2015, at Raglan, New Zealand.

The Kiwi contestant secured a back-to-back victory on his last scoring ride, 9.17 out of a possible 10 points, which combined for an 18.50 point heat total. Kereopa defeated Kai Lenny by a very narrow margin - only 0.43 points.

The Hawaiian led for much of the final with two well executed nine-point rides, but it was Kereopa that stole the show with five minutes remaining in the final. The win came in a similar manner to the stand up paddleboard discipline contested the day prior.

The result means that the final discipline - the 16-kilometer stand up paddleboard race at Mission Bay - will determine the inaugural winner of The Ultimate Waterman 2015. The race for the title is now down to two surfers: Daniel Kereopa and Kai Lenny.

Kereopa is the only athlete with the result in his hands. A third placing will gift him the title, but anything lower than that will give the Hawaiian a chance at come from behind win.

The Ultimate Waterman 2015 | 4/6 Rankings

1. Daniel Kereopa (NZL), 4,253
2. Kai Lenny (HAW), 3,980
3. Manoa Drollet (TAH), 3,666
4. Danny Ching (USA), 3,611
5. Mark Visser (AUS), 3,533
6. Georges Cronsteadt (TAH), 3,251
7. Kala Alexander (HAW), 3,101
8. Connor Baxter (HAW), 2,625

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