KFC: fried chicken has never been so surfy | Photo: KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) called it "The Harland." It is a surfboard with the company's logo on it.

There's only one in the world, and it's been sold for $3,000.

Wait - why would anyone buy a surfboard with Colonel Harland David Sanders' face printed all over the board? Has the world gone mad?

Fortunately, there's a good reason why someone was willing to pay a small fortune for such an uncool, kook-style surfboard that won't look good in Australia's busiest line-ups.

KFC Youth Foundation launched a limited-edition merchandise range that channels revenues to Australian youth-focused charities.

The fast-food firm released a collection of t-shirts, socks, ties, necklaces and other bizarre items like swim briefs, and crochet drumsticks.

But there's more. KFC promises 65 grams of "stability like never before" with its "Inspired Surf Wax."

All we know is that it doesn't taste like chicken wings or nuggets, but it has a unique smell.

It can be yours for $13. All proceeds from the scented wax will also go to helping build confidence in young Australians.

The Harland: KFC's latest adventure in surfing | Photo: KFC

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