King of the Point: surfing the North Sea swells in the northeast of England | Photo:

Gabe Davies and Posh Tom Wilson have been crowned the Kings of the Point in Scarborough, England.

Designed by East coast surfers, the King of the Point is surf contest with a long, six-month waiting period that accommodates the nature of the rare swells of the North Sea.

The organizers wanted to get competitors surfing in two local breaks - Cloughton Wyke and Cayton Bay. And the idea became a reality in the second week of December.

A 14-second groundswell in the eight-to-ten-foot range hit the angled coastline, and 18 surfers were sent to the water for three unusual 70-minute heats of six surfers each.

Surf shop owners, semi-pro riders, local legends, and anonymous enthusiasts braved the sea and put out clinic performances in overhead surf.

In the end, the organizers decided to finish on a high note and cancel the second session due to extreme and adverse weather and ocean conditions.

Gabe Davies ended up winning the event by 0.6 points, but he opted to share the trophy with the local surfer and runner-up finisher Posh Tom Wilson.

"King of the Point was an event that celebrated the East Coast and brought together the best of it. Seeing the cross-generation surfers gather together, all charging, will hopefully lead the next generations to pioneer within their communities, on their own terms," noted Gabe Davies.

"It was an amazing day of surfing with the East Coast absolutely pumping. I never expected to come away with the top prize. It all just clicked that afternoon, and I had a great session. I'm stoked about the result. Congratulations to Gabe Davies on the win," added Posh Tom Wilson.

2017 King of the Point | Winners

King(s) of the Point: Posh Tom Wilson/Gabe Davies
Worst Wipeout: Jessie Davies
Best Single Wave: Evan Rogers
Best Move: Mike Andrew
Biggest Wave: James Cummings
Longest Paddle: Joss Wescombe
Longest Wave: Posh Tom Wilson (45 seconds)

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