Kite bodysurfing is the future of kiteboarding

May 8, 2013 | Surfing
Kite Bodysurfing: the future of kiteboarding has fins

Strapless is the way? Forget it. The future of kiteboarding is kite bodysurfing. Forget everything you've seen and prepare to enter the new world of sailing... and bodyboarding.

"What about no board? What about me, the ocean, my harness, my chicken loop, my kite lines, and my kite? That's it. I've been getting some criticism saying, 'you're doing nothing but body dragging'. Well, that's not true".

Meet Danny Diaz, the world's first aspiring pro kite bodysurfer. In the last months, he has been improving the new kite division. New techniques and gear are now part of the sport. Any doubts?

"I have my fins on, and I've been trying to use my hand planes, just tucking the wave. I've been working on my airs, some rolls, and the next step is kite body surf mega loop. I'm working on that", adds Diaz.

The first kite bodysurfer on the planet has been contacting kite companies in order to get their support. Remember: it's not body dragging. It's kite bodysurfing, a serious discipline.

"I've sent some promo shots, some videos, and they told me they don't understand. I tell them this is the future: kite body surfing. They just don't get it, but they'll come around at some point".

By the way, have you met Carlos, the handboarder of the Montreal river wave?