KLM: take your surf gear on board instead of a suitcase | Photo: KLM

KLM welcomes surfboards on all intercontinental flights for free.

Royal Dutch Airlines has announced that it will carry surf equipment on all KLM and all Air France-operated flights. The oldest airline on the planet has even set up a site for their new surfer friends (surf.klm.com).

"On intercontinental flights, travelers can now bring their surf gear for free. In addition to one piece of free hand baggage, they can choose to take their surf gear instead of a suitcase at no additional charge," KLM explains.

"On European flights, checking in surf gear is possible against the same fee that applies to a suitcase. Advanced payment online is 40 euros for a return flight, while payment at the airport upon departure is 60 euros."

KLM highlights three special surfing destinations: Portugal, Indonesia, and Norway.

The company's offer also applies for kitesurfing (board and a kite bag) and windsurfing equipment (board, mast, sail, and boom) if packed in one bag with a maximum length of 300 centimeters (118 inches) and max weight of 23 kilograms (50.5 lbs) for an Economy Class ticket.

All you need to do is reserve transportation of surfing equipment at least 48 hours before departure. KLM wants you to take your surf gear on board instead of a suitcase.

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