La Vaca Gigante hits the Cantabrian coast

November 17, 2011 | Surfing
Quiksilver La Vaca Gigante: go for it, niño

The Quiksilver La Vaca Gigante has entered the waiting period, at Playa de El Bocal, in Santander, Spain. The event consists of a one-day competition. The selection of the date will be done by taking into account the most favourable maritime conditions.

Surfers may hit the water until 29 February 2012. La Vaca may moo any day. The spot of La Vaca was discovered in 2006 by two Cantabrian surfers, Óscar Gómez and Luis García, who one sunny Sunday morning decided to explore the coast from El Sardinero (Santander) to Liendres (Piélagos) in search of waves.

They hadn't even covered three kilometres of coastal road when, close to El Bocal beach and opposite the range of steep cliffs known as Las Canteras in Cueto (Santander), they made out a breaker that seemed to present a swell much bigger than that of the adjacent beaches.

Neither the complicated access to the water, nor the proximity of the cliffs, nor the dangerous rocky bottom daunted the Cantabrian adventurers who, after spending days observing the wave's movement, decided to get in and try it out.

The event will feature a closed list of 24 participants. This guarantees that some of the biggest names in European and international big-wave surfing will ride La Vaca's flanks. The requirement for the event to take place is that waves reach at least 5 metres in height.