Lachlan Rix shines at the 2017 Catch Surf Beater Bash

January 17, 2017 | Surfing
2017 Catch Surf Beater Bash: no pain, no gain

For us, it's a magnificent idea, and it's fun to watch. For the surfers, it can get painful.

The 2nd Annual Catch Surf Beater Bash was a wild ride but, fortunately, everyone survived the bone crushing machine presented by Knights Beach, in South Australia.

The Beater board has become a classic statement in some of the world's best surf breaks and, for Catch Surf, the foam plank mania has become a lucrative business.

The event had splendid conditions for the sport of wiping out in closeout wedges - waves were big and scary, and the onshore wind did the rest.

But because there could only be one grandiose survivor, the judging panel of the 2017 Catch Surf Beater Bash awarded Lachlan Rix the ultimate trophy - a brand new Beater.

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