Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece: you don't need clothes out in the sea | Photo: ESPN/Peggy Sirota

Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece have paddled out naked for ESPN's The Magazine Body Issue 2015.

All-round waterman Laird Hamilton and professional beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece got their clothes off and proved they're fit as ever.

"I am not sure how I willingly got myself into this, but I'm about to go paddleboarding naked in my neighborhood," reveals Reece.

"The best part of the whole thing is I convinced my husband to do this, so there will probably be lots of conversation at dinner this evening."

Laird believes feeling and looking good have nothing to do with age and aging. Hamilton is 51, and Reece is 45.

Unreal, isn't it? So how can they keep fit and healthy? Is there a secret diet or fitness plan?

"This isn't a career; this is a lifestyle. I train in some capacity all year round," Laird tells ESPN's The Magazine Body Issue 2015.

"And that's not just working out; that's your lifestyle - how you eat, how you sleep, just all of those things that go into a more holistic approach to wellness."

"My knees are my teachers. Injuries make you better because you figure out the ways to improve, to get around them, change things up to fix it," adds Gabrielle.

The couple is never quiet. They hate chairs; they love fruits and vegetables, but they don't train together.

"It's hard to sustain that kind of relationship when you're just on each other at every corner and everything. I'm tired just thinking about it," jokes Hamilton.

ESPN's The Magazine Body Issue 2015 is out July 10.

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