Laird Hamilton: he takes every wave

He is one of the most exciting watermen on planet earth. Laird Hamilton is back on top of his game to "Take Every Wave."

Laird Hamilton has been in the spotlight for a few decades - as a big wave surfing pioneer, and as an extreme wave explorer. The Californian-born athlete is also an experienced businessman, with several products and services out in the marketplace.

Surf fans already know parts of his successful life story. Hamilton surfed the Millennium Wave at Teahupoo and was one of the first to get towed into Jaws. He also windsurfs and kitesurfs.

At only 53, Laird has a lot to reveal, but he is definitely not done yet. While you shouldn't expect to hear his controversial views on several topics, "Take Every Wave" promises us a dive into the details of personal and professional life.

The movie follows and underlines his achievements and accomplishments, and reveals his disdain for professional surfing competitions. At 6'3'', 215 pounds, Laird is a happy family man and a father of three girls.

In the movie, Laird, the icon, is portrayed as the ultimate symbol of extreme wave riding, and a man committed to health and fitness as a way of life. Which is fair enough. After all, he's been leading the way for many new generations of big wave surfing men and women.

"Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton" is directed by Rory Kennedy. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

You can also watch Laird Hamilton in "North Shore," "Step into Liquid," "Riding Giants," and even "Die Another Day" as a stunt double. In the book shelves, you'll find "Force of Nature."

Are you a hardcore fan of Laird Hamilton? Get inspired by his most famous quotes.

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