Band-e Amir: a paradise for SUP enthusiasts

Afghanistan has joined the International Surfing Association (ISA) as its 82nd member nation.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a landlocked country located in South Central Asia and part of the greater Middle East, is officially part of the surfing world.

Although Afghanistan has no ocean waves, the country has a small population of surfers who have come together and traveled for surfing.

"Because so many of our people have been spread across the globe, we have found a place we can all come together and meet up through surfing," explains Afridun Amu, president of the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan.

"For our citizens and surfers, this provides an opportunity to take part in an international network, which strengthens the tie of Afghanistan's role in the world community."

"Since that is possible with soccer, basketball, cricket, and chess, we think it can be the case with surfing as well."

The Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan (WRAA) was founded in 2012 by a dedicated group of individuals.

The WRAA plans to hold the first Afghani National Surfing Championship in June 2014 in Hossegor, France.

"While still in its infant stage, there are a lot of opportunities for surfers and SUPers in Afghanistan, and we are excited to provide them with tools so they can grow their existing surfing community and allow their surfers to compete on an international level," adds Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association.

Band-e Amir, Lake Hamun, Zorkul, Kul-e Chaqmaqtin, Dashte Nawur, Bande Sardeh, and Abe Istada Lake are the main large water surfaces in Afghanistan.

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