Praia do Rosa: perfect waves, beautiful sights | Photo: Andreia Reis/Creative Commons

The first-ever lesbian surf camp in South America will get girls sharing their uniqueness in Santa Catarina, Brazil, between May 9-16.

Lesbian-owned tour operator Brazil Ecojourneys is inviting women to a week on their own.

In this case, the real "l" surfers will travel to Praia do Rosa, a spot that is already frequented by the local LGBT community.

"I surf all the time, and I'm usually the only lesbian out there, surrounded by heterosexual men," explains Marta Dalla Chiesa, owner of Brazil Ecojourneys.

"I see how there really aren't many opportunities for gay women to get together and learn to surf in a friendly environment."

"Here's the chance for a group of women of all sizes, ages, skill levels, and nationalities to come together to learn a beautiful sport and enjoy an incredible vacation together."

Surfer girls will learn and improve their surfing skills with Capitao David, the founder of the oldest surf school in the region. He has taught more than 15000 beginner surfers.

The five-day surf camp was created for lesbian surfers, but it is open to all women allies, family and friends.

Santa Catarina offers breathtaking beaches and a mild climate. Praia do Rosa is located in a half-moon-shaped bay.

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