Surf Ranch: by 2026, it will become a 155-acre structure | Photo: Morris/WSL

The original Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, built in Lemoore, California, will expand into a 155-acre compound.

The surf park designed by the 11-time world surfing champion, and owned by World Surf League (WSL) will grow dramatically and feature two additional wave pools open to the general public.

The three-stage plan included in Conditional Use Permit Application No. 17-05 will allow the developers to build a series of structures that will enhance the user's experience.

According to The Hanford Sentinel, the Kings County Planning Commission approved the expansion, and the full-scale layout will be a reality by 2026.

The Surf Ranch will continue to have a portion of its space dedicated to research and development. In other words, WSL hopes to continue working on additional prototype wave generation systems.

The structure will hold up to six, two-to-three-day events a year. The first one will be the Founders' Cup, for which the organization hopes to attract between 5,000 and 8,000 spectators.

The public surf pool will also offer surfing lessons, and there will be six portable temporary lodging units for people interested in staying at the Surf Ranch a bit longer.

In the end, California's first man-made wave pool will feature areas for live musical performances, vending spaces, camping sites, conference rooms, lockers, parking, training rooms, and recreational facilities.

The construction of the seven new structures and the two prototype wave generation systems will be phased out over an eight-year period.

In the end, the Surf Ranch visitor will see a wave operations building, a high-performance training center, a surf operations house, a multi-purpose recreational facility, and a wave support facility.

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