Leo Alcantara and Pascual Silverio win The Bride of the Atlantic Surf Festival 2010

February 11, 2010 | Surfing

The Bride of the Atlantic Surf Festival 2010

Experienced competitors Leo Alcantara and Pascual Silverio won "The Bride of the Atlantic Surf Festival 2010" at the Puntilla beach in Puerto Plata, in front of Fort San Felipe, with a posthumous tribute of the birth of musical artist Eduardo Brito, February 6 and 7, 2010.

Organized by the Federación Dominicana de Surf (FEDOSURF), chaired by Nestor Puente, the annual competition was audited for the first time with computer software used by national judges.

Leo Alcantara of Santo Domingo, was motivated both days of the competition, drawing waves and trusting in God. With eight waves total, his deft maneuvers earned high scores of 7.33 and 6.30, for a total of 13.63 points. He dedicated his First Place win to his girlfriend Sandra.

Alcantara, an athlete with fifteen years in the sport, resides in Cabarete and teaches surfing at Encuentro beach. He is a graduate of the University of the Caribbean.

Pascual Silverio, winner of the Open Body Board division, obtained impressive scores of 8.67 and 6.23 to accumulate 14.90. His turns and maneuvers were swift and intelligent. He dedicated his award to the son of Lucila Enriquez, Silverio's stepmother, for his ongoing support, as well as his sponsors Surfea Surf Shop in Cabarete and Puerto Plata; Custom-X Body Board and Smart UnLock.

Silverio was awarded Athlete of the Year, 2008 and is a student in his second year of high school. Silverio lives 300 meters from the beach in the neighborhood of La Piedra, with great passion for the sea. He works in water activities as a boat captain Banana Bou, in Los Charamicos, Sosua, teaching new talent in the sport.

The remaining winners of the Open Surf Category were Eduardo (Papito) Santanta of Cabarete, Amin (Jochy) Bueno and Mario Gomez both local s of La Puntilla.

Ranking second to fourth place in the Open Body Board rung, Jul Frien Sims of Puerto Plata, Jose Manuel Henriquez and Angel Mejia from The Charamicos.

The award ceremony was conducted by Nestor Puente, FEDOSURF president and his wife Milda, together with Daniel Antonio Francisco, president of the Association of Surfing in Puerto Plata, as well as judges of the competition, including FEDOSURF North Coast President, Jesmarin Puente.

The new computerized judging system was led by the ISA Certified judges of Ecuador Byron, Cyril and Louis Yaguar, and supported by Dominicans Jesmarin Puente, Ramses Mejia, Raul Van Eiken, Luis Coll, Isaac Gil, Luis Taveras, and Manuel Pineiro, with Beach Marshall Nelson Nivar.

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