Leonardo Fioravanti wins the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014

August 31, 2014 | Surfing
Leonardo Fioravanti: Italian surfing flavor | Photo: ASP/Lodin

Leonardo Fioravanti has triumphed at Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014, held in clean three-to-four foot waves, at Ferrol, Spain.

The Italian surfer defeated Marco Giorgi, from Uruguay, in the final heat. Fioravanti scored the only Perfect 10-point ride of the contest held in the beautiful beach of Pantin.

"It feels unbelievable right now, it was such a good contest! I'm still 16, I'm surfing heats with absolutely no pressure on the QS and it seems to be working out. Today's my mom's birthday and I'm so stoked to give her that present, this is the best day of my life for sure," says Leonardo Fioravanti.

"My main goal right now is the World Juniors, I want to do good there. I'm going to train hard and keep my confidence levels up and see how I can go there. But yeah going to another event right now in Azores with all that momentum I hope I can keep surfing like this and win a few more heats."

In the Women's competition, Silvana Lima beat Bronte Macaulay to claim the Spanish title. The Brazilian surfer, leader of the ASP Women's Qualifying Series, waited for the last seconds of the 30-minute final to paddle for her winning ride.

"I'm so stoked to win here, Bronte has been ripping all event and I know for a fact she wanted to win 100% in that final. Honestly I didn't think I'd get the score but when I saw that wave I knew I had a good opportunity," added Silvana Lima.

Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014 | Men
Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA), 14.16 def. Marco Giorgi (URY), 6.30

Pantin Classic Galicia Pro 2014 | Women
Silvana Lima (BRA), 12.43 def. Bronte Macaulay (AUS), 12.24

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