Liberia joins the international surfing scene

May 16, 2012 | Surfing
Alfred Lomax: Liberian surfing champion

Liberia is the 71st nation to join the International Surfing Association (ISA). After the last civil war, the country has a growing tourism industry, part of which circulates around its 350 miles of pristine, white-sand coastline in Western Africa.

Surfing is also getting more popular in Liberia and the ISA is trying to spread the love for the sport of riding waves in the entire African continent.

"At the ISA we are aware of all the good that surfing has done as a social, economic and cultural force for a better world. It's a sport and a lifestyle that breeds opportunity and positive energy for practioners and fans alike," said Fernando Aguerre, the President of the ISA.

"We know that surfing can function as a tool, a vehicle, for positive change on several levels. I'm so happy that Liberia has recognized the benefit of surfing and of working with the ISA. We're excited to help them develop the sport in their country."

"I'm happy for Liberia, for its citizens, and of course, I'm happy that surfing has started the 'ride' in Liberia," Aguerre continued. "This is all good news for the peace loving people in that part of Africa."

The addition of Liberia brings the total number of member nations to 71, nine of which are from Africa. Along with Liberia, Cape Verde, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal, Somalia and South Africa are member nations of the ISA.

"The stoke for riding waves continues to expand around the world," Aguerre said. "Liberia's membership is part of a strong push at the ISA to develop the sport of surfing in Africa."

Alfred Lomax is the country's first surfer and the two-time national champion. The 2010 trophy was branded using a metal bucket handle that was heated in a coal fire. Benjamin McCrumuda is also one of the important names in Liberian surfing. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.