Kai Lenny: one of the world's most remarkable waterman | Photo: Red Bull

The new series "Life of Kai" will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the imagination, athleticism, and bravery it takes to be Kai Lenny, the iconic Hawaiian big-waver surfer, and environmentalist.

The series will showcase the wild dreams and travels of one of the world's most remarkable waterman.

The episodes will be centered around the dramatic 2019-2020 big-wave season.

At just 28 and already the youngest person ever elected to the Surfing Hall of Fame, Lenny is a once-in-a-lifetime talent and environmental campaigner.

The two-time reigning Big Wave Awards overall winner has won numerous big-wave surfing events, eight paddleboarding world titles as well as competition victories in kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Lenny, who has also pioneered hydrofoiling, will offer fans unparalleled access into the inner workings, daily routines, and sterling support system of his amazing life.

Dream Big

The web series chronicles Lenny as he chases two of his biggest dreams: winning the Jaws Big Wave Championships and hydrofoiling the largest global waves coming off the Atlantic Ocean at Portugal's Nazaré.

"Growing up on Maui as the son of two lifelong windsurfers, all I ever wanted to do was be in the ocean," says Kai Lenny.

"It was the one place I felt most connected, particularly in big waves. As I grew, I wanted to expand that connection, so I tried as many different disciplines on the ocean as I could."

"This series represents me chasing that connection around the world. I feel like I'm still at the starting line in my race to explore the ocean to its fullest extent."

Big wave surfing pioneer Laird Hamilton believes the Paia native is on his way to cementing a glorious career.

"He's one of the true icons of his generation and that entire group on Maui," underlines the Hawaiian waterman.

"I think his multifaceted philosophy comes out of Maui a lot. The nature of the conditions there, and the community, it's so wind-driven."

Robby Naish, who has taken windsurfing and kiteboarding into the extreme wave riding arena, thinks Lenny is ahead of his time.

"It's been great watching his growth over the years," adds Naish.

"Kai's ability to not just dream bigger than any other waterman on the planet, but to take the methodical steps needed to actually realize those dreams, is unmatched."

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