Lindsay Lohan: hot surfer girl in 'First Point'

Taylor Steele is always surprising the world of surfing and surfers. The surf filmmaker responsible for some of the best surf movies ever made has decided to go indie in cooperative mode.

Lindsay Lohan, the actress and socialite known for an active and alternative lifestyle, is the star of "First Point," a short film by Richard Phillips that was presented at Art Basel in Switzerland.

Steele is the co-director of another arty experiment.

Actually, Kassia Meador is playing the surf stunt parts of the blonde "femme fatale," also known as Lindsay Lohan.

The surf movie has an overall mysterious environment and music by Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk.

"'First Point' was inspired by a combination of the classic 1967 surf film titled 'Free and Easy' by Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman and the 1990's LA noir of David Lynch's Lost Highway starring Patricia Arquette", explains Richard Phillips.

"Resuming work with Lindsay on 'First Point' was exciting as we had the opportunity to expand upon her powerful ability to communicate the abstract narrative potentials set into motion by the first film," he added.

Watch the trailer for "First Point".

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