"Living Rivers" and surfing moving waters

September 1, 2015 | Surfing
Living Rivers: a different way of surfing | Still: Max Lowe Media

"Living Rivers" is a short documentary about surfers and their role in the many unique river cultures of the American West.

In a way, the film directed by Max Lowe reminds us of how surfing has drastically evolved in the 21st century. You don't need an ocean anymore. Surfers are where moving waters are.

In Montana, Wyoming and Idaho you will meet enthusiastic surfers who check wave conditions through a rather different prism. Is there too much garbage in the water? Has it rained too much?

Three surfers - Luke Reiker, Kevin Benhart Brown and Cameron Fuller - will tell you how it's done in the heart of America, surrounded by rocky cliffs, green valleys and extreme air and water temperatures.

"We surf the snow, the snow melts into the rivers, and the river flows to the ocean. That's what's cool about surfing. There is no end. It's a continuous evolution. It's not about getting old. It's about adapting and progressing," says Benhart Brown.

"Living Rivers" celebrates the rush of water spilling from the mountain peaks, until it flows under our feet.

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