Long Beach surfers promote NY surf movie night

March 20, 2012 | Surfing
By The Way: a girl surf movie with waves

The Long Beach Surfing Association is promoting a surf movie session showcasing four films made by local New York surfers. The surf movie evening will be held on April 13th, at 8pm, at Unsound Surf.

Toddy Stewart's "Lapsed Catholics: What the Surf Magazines Don't tell you" is a first person perspective of a surfer paddling out in a broody surf accompanied by some philosophical musings over the nature of being a surfer.

The evening moves on to Long Island's Hayley Gordon's "By The Way", a short film documenting some of the worlds best female surfers, featuring Sara Taylor, Ornella Pellizzari, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Sofia Mulanovich, Malia Manuel, Jen Smith, Courtney Conlogue and many more.

Then, it's time for the premiere of "Stacked", a short documentary on the Quiksilver Pro New York and local surfer, Balaram Stack, directed by Patrick Cummings and E.J. McLeavey-Fisher.

The film tells the story of the transformation of Long Beach from a quiet New York suburb into the center of the surfing universe when the Quiksilver Pro comes to town.

The feature film of the evening will be the NY cult classic "Couch Tour", directed and produced by Mike Nelson, Brian Walsh and Dave Juan. The film was one of the original NY surfing films to be made in the 21st century.

The film features incredible footage from the 9/11 swell and incredible surfing from Ryan Carlson, Bruce Bailey, Trip Patterson, Jason Reagan, Dave Juan and many more.

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