Los Angeles Lakers celebrate Kelly Slater's 10th surfing title

January 4, 2011 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: too tall to play basketball

Proving the Kelly Slater is an international sports star, what about a 10th title celebration at the mythic Staples Center, the world-class arena home to the US basketball team Los Angeles Lakers?

Yes, it's true. The Lakers put on a private party for Kelly and 20 of his closest friends in the Chairman’s room prior to the game.

Food, drinks, and a customized cake were offered to the best surfer of all time.

Later, Kelly Slater was off to his courtside seat, where he would wait for the Lakers’ staff to come and get him to present the game ball at center court just prior to tip-off.

The players were introduced, as in every basketball game, and then Kelly was escorted out to the center court, where he presented the ball to the referee.

A strong voice is heard.

The game speaker explains to the crowd Slater's accomplishments while the jumbotron showed footage of the surfing champion.

Epic! More the 18.000 spectators cheered the Floridian surfer, and the top-notch celebration was incredible.