"Lost and Found", an Icelandic surfing tale

February 4, 2015 | Surfing
Lost and Found: an Icelandic surfing tale

Surfers are willing to do anything to get that dream wave. Even to paddle around icebergs in near-zero temperatures.

Videographers Mikey Corker and Chris McClean and photographer James Bowden traveled to Iceland with a group of surfers in search of new and challenging waves.

The journey to the edge of the Arctic circle has been documented in "Lost and Found," a beautiful essay on the power of Nature and surfing.

"This is about riding waves, but it is also about the other experiences that occur along the way, which all make for a good story at the end of the day," explains Mikey Corker.

It's easy to imagine how cold it is out there in Iceland, a place where you can experience four seasons on a single day. Surfers Taz Knight and Noah Lane got barreled, camped, and dove into the local waters.

It's a story from beyond the comfort zone. Some say this is what surfing is all about. We agree.

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