Luis Vindas wins the Santa Teresa stage of the Costa Rica Surfing Championships

April 13, 2010 | Surfing

Luis Vindas: the dominator

Simply put: He was the best of the best. Inspired and sure, Jaco’s Luis Vindas won his second date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 when he dominated the finals at the Copa Quiksilver yesterday with a score of 15.90 in the waves of Santa Teresa before 1,000 people in the best waves of the tournament’s season.

After winning the Esterillos date of the Circuito in January, and now this one, Vindas has two dates under his belt and the 22 year old is favored to win the national surf championship title. He found himself in this great position after battling a final in waves of 3.5 meters with Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos (15.50), Anthony Fillingim of Malpais (10.86), and Matias Braun of Montezuma (9.43).

In the end, the main threat was the defending champion of the national title, 16 year old Muñoz, who fought to the last minutes of the heat, with a great wave of 8.50, a long left with all kinds of maneuvers including a superman at the end of the route.

Nevertheless, Vindas’ surfing was complete and with forcé and obtained the combination near to 16 with his two best waves coming with his 2nd and 6th attempts.

It was Braun who, on the the other hand, posted the highest wave of the event, with a 9.50 in the semifinals, after a long, deep, right tube with a clean exit, but luck didn’t accompany him in the finals. Fillingim, a 16-year-old new to the finals, rode a wave that earned a 5.33, but didn’t obtain much higher than that with others and placed in the third position despite his routes.

For Vindas, two 1st place wins, and a 3rd place bodes well for the national championships. However, the next date in Nosara is a 4-star contest where Muñoz, Jason Torres (Jaco), Braun and Jair Pérez (Jaco) can cause damage in the rankings, and of course, they can pick up more points at the 5-star Gran Finals at Playa Hermosa in June.

As has been most predictable in the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010, Lisbeth Vindas and Nataly Bernold—both of Jaco—came face to face in the Women’s final, but for the fourth time this year, Lisbeth won the date. This win begins her trek for the 8th national title for Lisbeth, thanks to the 8.04 combination against the 7.43 that Nataly earned. The only chance Nataly has is to win Nosara and hope that Lisbeth does not end up in the finals in Playa Hermos. Not very likely.

In Juniors, Muñoz, the current national champion won, and he now ties Maykol Torres (Esterillos) with two wins. The favor is learning toward the former for the title win again.. All will look towards Nosara to see what the posibilities are for the Gran Finals in Playa Hermosa.

The premises of Santa Teresa were favored in the Boys category, where local Elija Guy was the winner in front of the favorite for the national title Noe Mar McGonagle. Guy pulled a combination of 14.17.

The next date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 is at Playa Guiones in Nosara, May 22 and 23. It is a 4-star contest that will award 1,500 to the winners of all categories.

Copa Quiksilver


1- Luis Vindas
2- Carlos Muñoz
3- Anthony Fillingim
4- Matías Braun


1- Lisbeth Vindas
2- Nataly Bernold
3- Jordan Hundley
4- Maia Velarde


1- Carlos Muñoz
2- Roberto Jimenez
3- Rex Calderón
4- Anthony Fillingim


1- Jordan Hundley
2- Maia Velarde
3- Leilani McGonagle
4- Kristel Stanley


1- Elija Guy
2- Noe Mar McGonagle
3- Alberto Muñoz
4- Josué Rodríguez


1- Leon Williams
2- Noe Mar Mcgonagle
3- Jean Carlo Méndez
4- Leonardo Calvo


1- Selena Moberly
2- Leilano McGonagle
3- Arisha Grioti
4- Tania Gonzales


1- Leonardo Calvo
2- Stone Van Timmeren
3- Sean Forester
4- Storm Van Timmeren


1- Paula Duarte
2- Leilani McGonagle
3- Arisha Grioti
4- Emily Gussoni


1- Diego Naranjo
2- Anthony Flores
3- Crsitian Santamaría
4- Pablo Bolaños


1- Carlos Gallego Pacheco
2- Luis Jimenez
3- Alejandro Vaca
4- Giannio Ferrandino


1- Craig Schieber
2- Carlos Velarde
3- Geancarlo Loría
4- Giovanni Benneti


1- Craig Schieber
2- Carlos Velarde
3- Cassio Velarde

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