Mackenzie Pridham: a Canadian surfer-footballer who loves traveling the world | Photo: Kevin Guy

Mackenzie Pridham is a Canadian traveling surfer like many others. But, unlike the majority of his fellow board riders, Mac is also a former professional soccer player.

Beyond the pitch, his passion for chasing perfect waves led him to some of the gems Indonesia has to offer.

Mac is a 29-year-old good-looking gentleman from Toronto. He loves collecting experiences. After all, that's what we take from life.

"I just finished living in Indonesia the last two seasons and, in between, traveled through Australia and New Zealand," Pridham tells SurferToday.

Mackenzie Pridham: getting barreled somewhere in Indonesia | Photo: Kevin Guy

The redhead scored dream waves in Southeast Asia but made sure he wouldn't let his memories slip away. So, this past season, Mac was able to gather a few clips of his journey.

"This year was all about finding the flow in life. After last season's epic surf in Indonesia, I had to do it again. This year, I came back for more and stayed another whole season."

"I made Uluwatu my base camp and set off on strike missions around Indonesia. I was able to catch some of the best waves of my life."

Mackenzie Pridham: he made Uluwatu his base camp for two seasons | Photo: Kevin Guy

Surfing Where Time Stands Still

The result of his surfing adventures was poured into a simple yet laid-back and highly entertaining film called "Nothing But Time."

The movie reminds me of the time when surf flicks were all about the waves and travels and less about the overall look, retro video editing techniques, and after-effects.

In less than 20 minutes, the viewer will get to know more about Uluwatu and the surrounding Indonesia surf gems than in many high-budget films.

Mackenzie Pridham knows how fortunate he was.

He even had the privilege to train alongside and play a soccer game against the former Chelsea F.C. striker, Didier Drogba.

Didier Drogba (center) and Mackenzie Pridham (right): sharing the love of soccer | Photo: Pridham Archive

"I have been traveling the world in search of great experiences, waves, and adventures. Traveling the islands helped me gain experiences my homeland doesn't have to offer."

"In the end, the flow found us, and once it did, there was no escaping it. Living how we wanted, without a worry in the world and nothing but time."

Mac will be in California for the 2019/2020 winter, but he is heading back to Indonesia.

The surfer-footballer is in the process of setting up a travel advisory business in the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world.

Never forget: life is nothing but time, so do yourselves a favor - enjoy it as much as you can.

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