Madagascar joins the International Surfing Association

July 27, 2014 | Surfing
Madagascar: an African surfing jewel | Photo: ISA/Alan Van Gysen

Madagascar has become the 86th member of the International Surfing Association (ISA).

African countries keep joining the International Surfing Association. This time, it's Madagascar, one of the best kept secrets in the continent.

Despite being the fourth largest island in the world with a wealth of great surf breaks, it has remained largely untouched by the surfing community. There are 3,000 miles of undiscovered coastline out there.

Madagascar is blessed with swell all year round, but the best time to surf is during the winter months when waves from the Atlantic Ocean wrap around the southern tip of Africa and land on Madagascar's Indian Ocean beaches.

The country features a variety of waves from rocky points to beach breaks and reef breaks.

"Alongside the boost in grassroots activity, this is also an opportunity for us to build a bridge between sport and the economy by increasing tourism levels in Madagascar," says Brice Jacobson Andrianirina, president of the Madagascar Yachting, Rowing, Canoeing, and Surfing Squadron Federation.

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