Madness guaranteed in Surfin' Steven's new movie

February 18, 2014 | Surfing
Surfin' Steven: style and grace

Surfin' Steven, the lunatic surfing stereotype, is about to make a grandiose debut in movie theaters with "The X-Perience".

When "Jackass" meets Borat Sagdiyev with a surfboard, the result can easily be Surfin' Steven, the man who has already been spotted in boardshorts, in Central London.

The master of the absurd is truly spontaneous. Surfin' Steven is "almost blonde, almost Australian and almost surfer", but the truth is you can't stop laughing out loud when you watch 10 seconds of his madness.

"The X-Perience" is a film directed by Jeremy Angelier, the man himself. Armed with his surfboard, Surfin' Steven embarks on his own surfari.

His goal is to conquer the ridiculous, whether he's in the Australian deserts, in the Asian mega cities, in the Eiffel Tower, or right in front of you.

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