Marc Jacobs Surfboards: the other Jacobs shaped them

Marc Jacobs, the American fashion designer, has unveiled a complete line of surfboards. Who says surfing isn't trendy? The "Jacobs Surfboards" are a twist of fate, as the Hermosa Beach shaper is already an experienced surf industry master: Hap Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is also known for being the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton.

Time Magazine considered him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010.

The new fashion surfboards are available in Marc Jacobs' website, in the "Special Items" corner.

There are nine models available. The longboards look very nice, with stylish colors and patterns.

Chanel, the Parisian fashion house, had already launched a collection of arty surfboards a couple of years ago.

The haute couture brand founded by Coco opted for unique black, white, and red pieces for surfers willing to pay $4,000.

Surfing has always been associated with high fashion, but the biggest names in the industry seem to have increased their bets on the beach lifestyle.

Matt Calvani is the name behind Jacobs Surfboards since the founding icon decided to retire in 2004.

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