Marc Walther wins the Swiss Surfing Championships

January 5, 2009 | Surfing
Swiss Surfing Championships

As always, autumn was a busy time for surfers. And so it was for the SSA. With the first Swiss Surfing Week, the XI Swiss Surfing Championships, and the ISA World Surfing Games in Portugal, there was a lot going on.

In collaboration with Wavexperience Surf Travel, the SSA combined the annual Swiss Surfing Championships with a week of surf and chill, the Swiss Surfing Week.

The Swiss wave riders who made the way to Vieux Boucau Plage were rewarded with 10 days of sunny weather, nice surfing conditions, and a laid-back environment in the surf camp.

On various trips to Hossegor, they could enjoy the action at the Rip Curl Pro and be present at the almost historical moment, in which Ace Buchan defeated Kelly Slater in the final heat.

At the end of the Swiss Surfing Week competition started at the beaches of Vieux Boucau for the XI Swiss Surfing Championships. Around 50 Swiss surfers came to compete against each other and have a good time.

In good waves, the event was carried out over the course of two days. Good surfing and action in some close heat was seen. In the end, we had the usual suspect but also some surprises in the upper ranks.

Just after that, the Swiss Surfing Team moved in at the Sudden Rush training house in Peniche. Ten days of preparation preceded the participation of the Swiss delegation at the ISA World Surfing Games in Costa da Caparica, Portugal.

The trend of the ever-increasing level at this event was once again confirmed. But the Swiss did well and came up with a respectable 20th place.

Surf Open

1 Marc Walther 1000
2 Vincent Guillemaud 860
3 Mattieu Honegger 730
4 Roland Hauser 670
5 Martin Suter 610
6 Jürg Diemand 583
7 Luc Girardin 555
8 Benedek Sarkany 528
9 Tino Stäheli 500
9 Urs Emmenegger 500
11 Etienne Mauguin 488
11 Phillippe Trawnika 488

Here are the most important dates for the upcoming events next year:

SSA General Assembly                     June, Zürich
ISA World Surfing Games 09            31st July – 9th August, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
2nd Swiss Surfing Week                  19th – 26th September, Vieux Boucau, France XII.
Swiss Surfing Championships            23rd – 26th September, Vieux Boucau, France
ESF Eurosurf 09                             26th September – 4th October, Jersey, Channel Islands