Marina threatens Mexican surf sanctuary

January 12, 2012 | Surfing
Punta Colorada: Mexican surf sanctuary

Punta Colorada, one of the best surf spots in the world, is being threatened by the construction of a commercial fishing marina. Renowned for its perfect waves and abundant wildlife, this Mexican surf treasure is seriously in danger.

The lagoon situated behind the beach will be opened up to the ocean, wiping out the entire beach and destroying the wave at Punta Colorada.

The Save the Waves Coalition has been alerting the Mexican authorities and the global surfing community, but the government has given the go-ahead.

The local wildlife includes an abundance of migratory birds and crocodiles that can be found in the estuary while dolphins, tuna, turtles and oysters share the surrounding ocean waters.

International and local surfers believe that Procamar, a Mexican construction company that specializes in jetties and marinas, failed to acknowledge the diverse wildlife of Punta Colorada in their short three-week environmental impact study.

The surf break of Punta Colorada is located in the beautiful natural setting of Puerto Escondido and delivers peaky hollow barrels for bodyboarders and surfers. Local economy is being boosted by surf tourism, but the surf sanctuary might be destroyed during 2012.

"It would be a tragedy, that wave alone brings thousands of bodyboarders into puerto each year, which means thousands of dollars spent into the towns economy. Plus that wave is a breeding ground for up and coming Mexican bodyboarders. It helps shape the future for bodyboarding in Mexico", says professional bodyboarder Matt Lacky.

Reports from the local tell that clearing of vegetation and road construction has begun in the hills above Punta Colorada for access to the proposed marina.

Protest and defend the Punta Colorada surf spot by signing the online petition.