Mark Healey rides a monstrous wave at Puerto Escondido

May 4, 2015 | Surfing
Mark Healey: alone in the dark | Photo: Edwin Morales

Some say it's the biggest paddle-in wave ever at Puerto Escondido. We say it's a superb ride in a giant day, at Mexico's queen of the waves. A round of applause for Mr. Mark Healey.

The good thing is he survived the beast. Mark Healey had never seen Puerto Escondido pumping waves this big. He paddled out from the harbor, got the wave, made the drop, and almost got fully barreled. Eventually, he was forced to pull the eject button.

Healey revealed later that he was lucky to have his life vest on because a three-wave set was coming up on the horizon. Reports tell that Mark was the only surfer to successfully ride a wave this morning.

"It was really scary out there this morning. Glad everyone is OK. Managed to be in the right place for a solid one on my Meeks Boards. We had no idea it would get this big," wrote a jubilant Mark Healey.

Coco Nogales considered this to be the biggest paddle-in wave ever ridden at Puerto Escondido. Waves were moving very fast making it harder to catch them in the right place at the right time.

In the end, Mark Healey celebrated. With a fresh orange juice.

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