Mark Richards: Australian surfing legend

Mark Richards and Stephanie Gilmore have been honored at the Australian Surfing Awards in Sydney during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Surfing Australia.

Mark Richards is a national institution. Named Australia's Most Influential Surfer 1963-2013, Richards is a four-time world champion with thousands of remarkable life stories.

Between 1979 and 1982, he ruled the world of surfing and became the first surfer in history to dominate the world professional tour for an extended period of time.

Mark Richards transformed the twin-fin surfboard into a secret weapon, perfect for the gliding, swooping turns that he was renowned for.

Humble, funny, fast, professional, and skillful, Richards is now a master shaper and remains passionately involved in the growth of surfing in Australia.

"It's a great honor and very flattering, and I feel incredible to be up here to receive this award amongst so many great surfers," Richards said.

Mark was named the Most Influential Surfer between 1963-2013, ahead of Simon Anderson, Nat Young, Michael Peterson, Midget Farrelly, Tom Carroll, Layne Beachley, Wayne Bartholomew, Mark Occhilupo, and Bob McTavish.

Stephanie Gilmore has been inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame. The 25-year-old champion grew up in Kingscliff, in northern New South Wales.

"This is such an honor. Everyone in the Hall of Fame has had such an incredible impact on the world of surfing, and to be included in that is unreal", Gilmore said.

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