Mark Visser: the Night Rider

Big wave rider Mark Visser has entered the History of Surfing. The pro surfer has surfed 30-40 foot waves in a night ride off the shore of Maui, Hawaii. It's not the apocalypse, it's surfing breaking its own frontiers.

The 28-year old Australian used a special surfboard with built-in LED lights, engineered by NASA for submarine lighting. The red light ensured that the helicopters and jet skiers were able to spot where Visser was riding each wave.

This is the first time a surfer tries to ride big waves in the dark. Mark prepared this project for two years. "It is the most exciting thing I have ever done. It wasn't until I saw the pictures I realized how big it was," said the intrepid surfer.

Mark has hit the waters at 2am, in complete gloomy conditions. Watch how he surfed his night waves. It looks like he's a surfer from the future, with jet-powered fins. How crazy is that?

Riding huge black waves isn't easy and Visser got the helping hand of the tow-in jet skis.

"Riding in complete darkness meant I had to go off feeling. I had to zone out from how you normally ride and just be part of the wave. I am so pumped to achieve something that no one thought possible and that I was told that it couldn't be done."

Mark Visser is planning a full-length documentary named "The Night Rider," to be broadcasted late 2011, early 2012.

In the past, Visser is known for riding big waves and placing in the Top 10 of events like the APT Tow-In Tour, the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Contest and the Oakley ASL Big Wave Awards.

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