Marlon Lipke crowned 2012 ASP European surfing champion

October 31, 2012 | Surfing
Marlon Lipke: Germany is a land of surfing and surfers

Marlon Lipke is the 2012 ASP European surfing champion. The German-Portuguese goofy-footer had already been crowned European Junior champion in 2004.

Lipke took the opening event of 2012, the ASP 3-Star Protest Vendee Pro, in April. With another 49th place finish in Newquay, Lipke needed to regroup came the second event in Lacanau. Despite an elbow injury that made it impossible for him to paddle at some point, Lipke managed to place 9th in the pumping French barrels.

From big sandy shorebreaks, the best Star tour surfers moved on to the small and windy peaks of Zarautz in September. Lipke coming off a strong showing in Lacanau built momentum throughout the event to claim an excellent equal 5th in the Basque-Country.

Despite the pristine tropical conditions at the next event in Azores, the Lagos local couldn't keep up his performance level and suffered an early Round 3 elimination.   Coming to Galicia for the Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro, Lipke a previous winner there in 2007, was once again favourited with solid conditions on offer.

In a smart final, he placed first ahead of fierce competitors Joan Duru, Bino Lopes and Ty Watson. Lipke was eliminated in the third round in Lanzarote leaving the door wide open for his direct competition to move ahead of him.

Fortunately, all his opponents in the 2012 European Title race were defeated just a couple of heats earlier than they needed and Lipke could see his hopes of a Regional Title come true.

"We ended up battling for tiny waves which most of them went fat after one turn. In the end I can't complain, things went my way and I'm so happy to get the title for Portugal and Germany."

"I'm not sure yet what my plans will be for the next years, I would like to attack again full on as I fell strong in my mind but times are hard and I'm not sure if I will have to go to new directions."