Marti Paradisis: riding giants at Pedra Branca

Marti Paradisis has conquered the Surfing Life Oakley Big Wave Awards 2013, held in Australia.

The "Biggest Wave" of the year was awarded to Marti Paradisis, who scored a huge slab in Pedra Branca, Tasmania. Paradisis got $20000 and full glory for his stunt.

"It doesn't matter where they are, they're always like this. They charge hard, and they party hard", said Marti of his fellow Tasmanian boys.

"It's a huge thrill. I wouldn't get to ride waves like this without a lot of help, so this isn't just for me".

Pedra Branca is located 30 kilometers off the coast of Tasmania. Marti Paradisis paddled out an hour before dark, waiting for the best conditions, and rode a bumpy wave with a massive lip.

"This isn't the XXL Awards. This isn't guys getting paid 100-grand to go around the world, this is a celebration of the guys from your hometown who do it becuase they love it, and we love them for that. It's a bit grittier, and that's what makes it special", expressed Phil Ward, from Oakley.

Grant "Twiggy" Baker secured the "Biggest Slab" award for a dangerous cavern at the infamous "The Right", in Southwest Australia.

The "Biggest Paddle-In" title went to Jeff "Camel" Goulden, for his 30-footer at Cow Bombie, in Western Australia.

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