Martin Suter wins first-ever Swiss Wave Pool Jam 2014

May 6, 2014 | Surfing
Martin Suter: inventing the new cut-to-wall trick

Martin Suter has conquered the first edition of the Swiss Wave Pool Jam 2014, in Bern, Switzerland.

Switzerland might be a landlocked country, but the European nation known for precise watches and high-quality chocolates also features top quality surfing and surfers.

The Swiss Wave Pool Jam 2014 was the first-ever event held in an artificial standing wave, in Switzerland. The contest was open to Swiss surfers and all riders living in Switzerland.

A total of 32 artificial wave riders showed their 360s, cutbacks, carves and aerial antics. Wipeouts are frequent, too, and Jacques Robert claimed the best splash over the blue plastic reef.

Martin Suter ended up making history with his secure surfing performance. Dimitri Scholl finished in the second position, and Lukas Oester kept the third place.

Swiss Wave Pool Jam 2014 Results:

1. Martin Suter
2. Dimitri Scholl
3. Lukas Oester
4. Chris Collard
5. Jacques Robert
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