Mason Ho: the funnest surfer ever | Photo: Lost

If you are a fan of Mason Ho's chilled-out temperament, or if you think he's the best interviewee in modern surfing, then you've got a "License To Chill."

Mason Ho exhales positive energy. The creative Hawaiian surfer has always had a pronounced double-sided career.

When he's competing at the highest level, he lets his cool attitude shine; when he's free surfing, he seems to adopt a focused posture.

In the past three years, Ho, Rory Pringle, and Joe Alani have been collecting footage for a series of laid-back episodes featuring "more closeout barrels than air reverses."

The project was named "License To Chill," and now it sees the light of day in the form of a surf movie.

Featuring the Ho Clan

"License To Chill" also follows the life and adventures of Keoni "Cheeseburger" Nozaki, the energetic goofy-footer who is never quiet.

The flick would not be complete without the special appearances of the Ho clan: Coco, Michael, and Derek.

Interestingly, viewers are invited to discover an unexpected friendship between Mason Ho and Tom Curren.

They surf together in Bali and enjoy the local music scene and cuisine. It's all there, and the soundtrack is delicious.

"License To Chill" is not a pretentious surf film. It doesn't have a grainy look, hipster fonts, and new school angles.

It reminds us of the straight-to-the-point movies released in the 1990s, in which surfing and the joy of surfing were the sole focus.

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