Massive swell coming for Nelscott Reef

March 12, 2014 | Surfing
Nelscott Reef: posing for the picture

The Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro 2014 will be run on March 12, at Nelscott Reef. A massive swell is on the way and surfer girls have been invited to the party.

The world's best big wave surfers are ready for the penultimate event of the 2013/2014 Big Wave World Tour. The Tacklebuster Reef, commonly known as Nelscott Reef, is the place to be.

Located a half-mile out to sea in Lincoln City, Oregon, just up the beach from Spanish Head, Nelscott Reef offers high-performance big waves with both rights and lefts.

The wave is protected by miles of beach break surf that is mostly impassable when the swells are big enough for the reef to break.

Although there are smaller days when the reef can be paddled to from the beach, Nelscott Reef wasn't considered a big wave spot until the beach break is too big to paddle.

One of the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest will be visited by Greg Long, Jamie Sterling, Peter Mel, and Carlos Burle. The waves at Nelscott Reef are rideable up to 50-foot and beyond.

A one-hour-long Women's Super Heat has been added to the event, and it will include Keala Kennelley, Wrenna Delgado, Savannah Shaughnessy, Paige Alms, Mercedes Maidana, Jamila Star, Bianca Valenti, and Andrea Moller.

For the first time, the finals of the Dive N' Surf Oregon Pro 2014 will be broadcast live exclusively on Universal Sports Network.

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