Maud Le Car goes surfing on high heels

September 1, 2015 | Surfing
Maud Le Car: high heels are the future of surfing

Everything is valid when you're a marketeer, and you're trying to sell a product. Marketing is not a crime, and it can be fun for consumers, too.

Caribbean pro surfer and model Maud Le Car used her splendid surfing skills to promote natural protection against mosquitoes. Fair enough. We've seen everything already, haven't we?

Here's the punchline: "Female pro surfers can look glamor and talented at the same time." But, how can she prove that? Let's invite Maud Le Car to ride a few waves on high heels, especially if a night dress is added to the equation.

Le Car was born on the 25th May 1992, in St. Martin, French Caribbean. She also loves to paint, spray and draw. Her favorite beach is Mullet Bay, a spot located on her home island.

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